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The time has come for the hallowed online home of cross-country in Zionsville to be retired. I will continue to keep all of the past results and statistics up, for those statisticians and runnerfreaks who have no life. And yes, the guestbook will remain up because it is such a vibrant hub of intelligent conversation. I would like to thank the guidance department of my former high school for allowing this webpage to become the bastion of free speech that it is now. Without their guidance and necessary intervention, it would be just another website on the Internet with profane verse and borderline defamatory speech. But they have shown me the true path, that of unconditional positive regard...or something. Unfortunately, the website of the dark side (CRAP) will remain up and running (the Kronic held me at gunpoint until I agreed to leave it up). That's about it.
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ALL-TIME WINNERS of the "Mystery Man" contest:
Tammy Zeller Dave Rodgers (2) David Bruce
Chadd Roper Jamie Baker Brian Deutschendorf
Jeff Glant Will Burgman Paul Houchens (6)
Michael Oh Paul Czupryn Matt Ebersole (2)
Brandon Emkes John Burgman (4)Mike Orban
Gail Phillips (2) Stephen Smith Matt Osborne (2)
Kurt Offereins (2) Joe Bailey the Kronic
Shane Sanders (3) Mike Zonder Tom Acconzo (2)
Isaac Snow Bart Phariss Tom Taylor

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